Best AI Art Generating & Editing Apps for Android 2024

Join the AI art revolution with enhancements in AI Art generating & editing Apps, the perfect choice for professionals & hobbyists. Turn your ideas into stunning images.

AI-based art is revolutionizing creativity in the digital era. It enables you to produce stunning, imaginative images quickly. AI art generators excel in practical applications like marketing materials, UI, 3D models, and logo design. They offer time-saving and cost-effective solutions to all ages. These tools are usually beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses that are based on high-quality content without extensive design team management.

What’s an AI Art Generator?

Artificial Intelligence art generators are state-of-the-art Apps and software that utilize AI and machine learning technology. They utilize neural networks to generate portraits and often allow users to add their required prompt for specific instructions to appear in outcomes. 

Once you upload your photo, these Apps produce artistic composite images according to your facial characteristics. You can utilize a varying range of art styles, from cartoons and anime executions to photorealistic depictions. Furthermore, you are proficient at inserting text prompts to instruct the AI tool to generate your desired artwork. This aspect influences the whole portrait, such as its background, outfits, and styles. 

Striking Usage of AI Art

There are no boundaries for using AI in art creation. The limitation is only by your creativity. Users utilize these Apps to make profile pictures or avatars to integrate artistic flair into their social media presence. Meanwhile, you can elevate your phone’s lock screen or background with these AI art images. All these systems are pretty customizable and allow you to upgrade them according to your preference. Ultimately, these AI art are exactly like digital art; you can use them in your business and enjoy the piece of art by printing as well.

Trendiest AI Art Generating and Editing Apps

With the widespread usage of AI technology, plenty of AI art apps are accessible on Google Play & Apple Store. You can acquire the App with your desired decent user-friendly interfaces and other customizable proficiencies. There are numerous top-rated AI portrait apps that you can utilize on any of hand device:

  1. Wonder
  2. Lensa AI
  3. Gradient
  4. Dream By WOMBO
  5. FaceApp: Face Editor 
  6. DeepArt Effects – AI Art Image Generator

Wonder – AI Art Generator 

AI Art apps
App NameWonder – AI Art Generator 
DeveloperCodeway Dijital
Size81 MB
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

AI art generating and editing app uses AI technology. Codeway Dijital developed the wonder AI(Artificial Intelligence) Art Generator on 30 May 2022. This application uses AI technologies to create an avatar. This application turns your words into painting and drawing in just a few seconds. Sometimes we have a unique idea, but we can’t explain this; if we provide our thoughts to this application, it converts our words into mesmerizing AI art. The best thing about this app, no limits to creating art, and art is fully accurate.

When the user downloads this application, it requires some permissions; when you allow it, it works properly. On a freeway, users face unwanted ads after creating any art. If users purchase premium wonder AI, they will not face any ads and will unlock many features for creating art for the next level. In premium mode, users can make their picture avatar as they want. After completing your unique, creative and original art, you can share this with your friends and siblings.

Features of Wonder

 In the section below, there are some things that you can ask to Wonder AI.

  • Poems.
  • Song lyrics.
  • Creative and excellent word combination.
  • Characters of movies.
  • Memorable moments.
  • Star signs.
  • Artwork as lock screen.
  • Prompts, and many more.

Lensa AI: Photo & Picture Editor

AI Art apps
App NameLensa AI: Photo & Picture Editor
DeveloperPrisma Labs
Size59 MB
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

 Lensa AI(artificial intelligence) is a photo editing application developed by “Prisma Labs” on Oct 2, 2019; it’s a software company launched by Prisma, and Lensa app, is based in Sunnyvale, California. The interface of this application is very easy, so people without experience in editing don’t worry; they edit their pictures like professional editors.

 It’s an amazing application that provides many outstanding features for the user to edit the pictures at the next level. You do not need any photo lab or other place for professional photography; it provides all you need to create high-quality, attractive images and art.

Features of Lensa AI

 Features of this application are given below section:

  • First, you do not need experience using this app; auto-adjust editing solves your problems, and you need to focus on taking pictures.
  • It provides a background feature, and with this, you can change and blur your image background.
  • Skin editors also provide filters to edit skin color and remove blemishes and pimples.
  • Eye correction features allow you to edit your eyes, like adjusting dark circles, changing their color, and removing bags.
  • You can edit your eyebrow as you want.
  • You can adjust the image light and colors.
  • You can whiten your teeth.
  • Show a smile on your face.
  • Sow temperature on images.
  • Use different camera filters.
  • You can use different styles in art. 
  • Block unwanted objects.
  • Still, you can use many other filters to enhance your images and videos; download this art and enjoy it.

Gradient: AI Photo Editor

AI Art apps
App NameGradient: AI Photo Editor
DeveloperTicket To The Moon, lnc
Size109 MB
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

Gradient AI(artificial intelligence) Photo Editing & art generating application was developed by “Ticket To The Moon” Inc on 27 Aug 2019. This is one of the best applications for photo editing. This application allows users to edit their pictures and provides many tools to edit images.

 This application has many useful features, users can turn their pictures into a cartoon as they want, and many more features can use. This application is free to download; on the freeway, this app has limited tools for editing. However, the user can buy a membership, which allows editing the picture on the advanced level. 

Features of Gradient AI Photo Art

 Features of this application are in the section below.

  • AI effects and masks.
  • AI cartoon style.
  • Beauty tools.
  • Handcrafted filters.
  • AI face collage.
  • Celebrities look alike.
  • AI portrait.
  • Old yourself.
  • Face app.
  • Blur background.
  • Retouch face.
  • Hair color.
  • Adjust skin tone.
  • Filter texture presets.

Dream By WOMBO – AI Art Tool

AI Art apps
App NameDream By WOMBO – AI Art Tool
DeveloperWombo Studios Inc
Size64 MB
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

 Dream By Wombo is an AI(artificial intelligence) application that allows users to create artwork using a different style. Wombo Studios Inc., a software company, developed Dream By Wombo on Oct 20, 2021. It was developed for entertainment. It transfers user ideas and art into a painting using the power of AI. For this reason they are highly used. It attracts the user because of its wonderful features and user-friendly interface. 

This application turns your words into digital painting and drawing in just a few seconds. Sometimes we have a unique idea, but we can’t explain this; if we provide our thoughts to this application, it converts our words into mesmerizing AI art. The best thing about this app, no limits to creating art, and art is fully accurate. You can save and share your art with friends and others.

 Some people want to create art but do not have the resources; no problem using this application. Put your ideas, select an art style, dream by wombo change your thoughts into painting in seconds. You do not need any art item like a pencil, brush, or other things; it provides all features.

Features Of Dream By Wombo

  • It creates a beautiful area using AI (artificial intelligence).
  • A prompt feature that allows the user to provide his ideas.
  • Many art styles are available users choose as they want.
  • You can save and share this art.

FaceApp: Face Editor 

AI Art apps
App NameFaceApp: Face Editor 
DeveloperFaceApp technology Ltd
Size36 MB
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

 FaceApp is a photo editing application that uses AI(artificial intelligence) technology was developed by “FaceApp technology Ltd” on 14 Feb 2017. This application provides many tools for selfie editing, and users can apply various filters as they want. FaceApp is the best selfie photo editor and beauty camera, with 100M downloaders and 4.65M+ people review with 4.5/5 stars ratings. 

 FaceApp is the best application for selfie editing & art generating; the user can apply fun filters, beards, or mustaches and see how they will look in childhood, younger, and old. Also, the users can see how they would look at the opposite sex. On this app, users can take a selfie and edit this. This application has more than 60 filters. 

Features of FaceApp

Features of FaceApp are in the section below.

  • Impressive filters.
  • Add a beard and mustache.
  • Change hair color and hairstyle.
  • Add volume to hair.
  • Trendy makeup filters.
  • Light effects.
  • Remove acne and dark circles.
  • Smooth wrinkles.
  • Enlarge and minimize facial.
  • Color lens.
  • Easy compare tool.
  • Control temperature.
  • Brightness and saturation.
  • Gender swap.
  • Old and young filter.
  • Weight filter.
  • Morph with celebrity.
  • Background filters.

DeepArt Effects – AI Art Image Generator

AI Art apps
App Name DeepArt Effects – AI Art Image Generator
DeveloperDeep Art Effects GmbH
Size24 MB
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

DeepArt Effects is a great application that uses AI(artificial intelligence) to edit images in beautiful artwork with just a few clicks. You can create your art style. Deep Art Effects GmbH is a software company that developed DeepArt Effects on Jul 20, 2016. DeepArt Effects is the best selfie photo and art editor with 1M+ downloaders and 94.2K+ people reviews with 4.7/5 stars ratings. 

This application’s user interface is very simple so users can use it easily. With its automatic algorithm, it easily changes your image into excellent artwork. It also provides a variety of art styles, allows rediscovering the art and depart effects, and trains new art styles with your input pictures. DeepArt Effects application offers a lot of features for editing your images. It’s available for Windows, Android, Mac, and IOs. This application allows users to share their pictures with their friends and siblings. 

Features of DeepArt Effects

Features of this application are given below section:

  • Create art with AI.
  • Fast image processing.
  • HD Resolution (1080px).
  • More than 50 filters.
  • Change style filter.
  • No photos and artwork are saved for guests.
  • Prisma filters.
  • Encrypted data transfer.
  • Server in Europe for privacy.
  • Use log-in to manage your account.
  • Share your artwork with your friends and community.

Premium Features of DeepArt Effects

Premium features of this application are given below section:

  • Create your own filters.
  • Full HD resolution for artwork (1920px).
  • Remove watermarks.
  • Exclusive new styles.
  • More than 120 filters.
  • No ads.

Advantages of AI Art Generators

AI tools have revolutionized creative processes by providing enhanced effectiveness and efficiency compared to traditional methods. That’s why these apps have gained widespread acceptance across various industries for their gigantic potential.

  • Art Inspiration: Artists have leveled up their creativity and inspiration by making amazing AI-based paintings. AI is the ultimate source of creativity. Hence, this software enables you to combine your ideas with trendy styles and create unique outcomes.
  • E-commerce Presentation: AI imaging assists you in creating high-quality product visuals. It elevates your product’s appeal to potential buyers and drives extra sales.
  • Branding and Marketing: Nowadays, marketers and other digital workers utilize AI-generated image access to make distinctive logos and astonishing designs. This aspect is used for their advertisements, making attention-grabbing social media content and engaging more audience.
  • Real Estate Assistance: Real estate professionals, including architects, interior designers, and agents, utilize AI art-making Apps for virtual staging. This showcases their new projects and enhances their ideas’ visualization and presentation.
  • Healthcare: AI medical imaging is a convenient source for making accurate images using real medical data and upgrading patients’ diagnoses.
  • Graphic Designing: AI tools assist designers by providing a variety of image variations. These variations enhance productivity and lessen effort.
  • IT Enhancement: AI assists front-end programmers in analyzing their concepts before converting them to CSS. This aspect facilitates them in smooth and precise development processes.
  • Level-up Businesses: Medium-sized and small enterprises utilize AI tools to compete with their larger counterparts. In this challenging industry, AI assists them in uplifting their business in cost-effective ways.

Hence, even advanced companies like Coca-Cola recognize the benefits of AI-powered imagery. Their “Y3000” flavor campaign demonstrates their adaptation to trendy technology.

Key Points to Consider While Looking for Best AI Art Apps

When visiting the AI art generators’ virtual world, there are certain factors that you must consider now:

Price Point: In the quest for accurate software, appropriate pricing is the key aspect. Thus, free options are tempting for initial usage and analysis of the features of each App. Whether the long-term viability of Apps remains questionable, especially for new users. Hence, these tools are usually accessible on a monthly basis or annually at $5 to $39 monthly. These affordable monthly charges bring excellent options for you without breaking the bank.

AI Models: Remember, the backbone of these AI art apps is the AI models on which they work. This model lets your app create dedicated image quality and attain flexibility in your work. Therefore, the professionally accepted leading models, including DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion, come with distinct advantages. DALL-E 2 displays remarkable realism, and Stable Diffusion excels in image refinement. Further are:

  • Realistic Vision
  • Stable Diffusion
  • DALL-E Mini
  • Absolute Reality
  • DALL-E 2

Features Library: The richness of features defines the actual efficiency of AI image generators. For example, Jasper is the ideal choice for top-notch feature sets and high-resolution artistic image creation. The major features include:

  • Face restoration
  • AI enhance background
  • Image upscaling
  • Remove objects 
  • Image enhancement
  • Remove background

Styles Access: AI art Apps bring the varying range of styles you can acquire your desired styles. These are including from social media-centric designs to artistic masterpieces reminiscent of renowned painters like Picasso, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Meanwhile, Artsmart exemplifies this diversity of styles by bringing the spectrum of aesthetic tastes.

User-Friendly Experience: The simplicity of the App’s interface streamlines your creative process. These Apps minimize your processing time from hours to minutes and seconds. For example, Text-to-photo Apps such as Neuroflash and Artsmart reduce your extensive learning requirements and produce fantastic outcomes in no time.

Exploring AI art generators demands thorough consideration of pricing, AI models, feature richness, style diversity, and user-friendliness. By evaluating these aspects and experimenting with trial plans, users can identify the ideal generator to bring their creative visions to life.


Striking AI images deliver delightful enhancements to your personal photos. They elevate your shots to specific artistic levels. These can be used for suitable purposes such as unique artistic expressions, profile pictures, and phone backgrounds.

These are accessible in varying ranges, starting from $5 to around $40$ monthly. It depends on your required features with a bonus. Hence, you can go for sophisticated solutions with additional features.

The duration for AI art Apps ranges from a few moments to a couple of minutes. It usually depends on the complexity of your inputs.

Final Verdict

These are top-rated AI art-generating apps for 2024 that can be used on both iOS and Android devices. This list of Apps offers you a variety of features, versatility, excellent proficiency, and quickness to elevate your creativity. Whether these tools are committed to delivering exceptional features for making remarkable artistic works. You’re able to pick your desired app or the best app according to your preferred toolkit.

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