How is AI Changing the World of Photography?

 In the last decade, people have had no device for capturing any moment and photography. People could not save their memories. They went to the artist and used to make images with his hands and complete paintings in many days. But the images need to look better and shine. With time, technology has upgraded, and in 1816, Joseph Nicephore Niepce invented the camera. It will take at least eight hours to produce its first image.

 Technology upgraded occasionally, and Thomas Edison’s employer William Kennedy Laurie Dickson, invented the first movie camera in 1891. In other words, it’s called the Kinetograph. In this way, people capture their memories.

AI Photography

 With time, American technology company Android Inc launched an android mobile in 2003 and developed an operating system for digital cameras. After some time, the android phone replaced the camera, and technology upgraded increasingly with new mobile and digital cameras. 

AI Photography

What is Portrait Mode?

 After a long time, Apple introduced a portrait mode in 2016 for iPhone users. In portrait mode, the camera creates a strong effect on photos. It can blur the background so that the image view of an object is clear. With portrait mode, many AI apps launched in the area of technology. John McCarthy is known as the father of AI, and he is the founder of AI.

AI Photography

 Some people do not buy a brand smartphone, so they do not edit images at the subsequent level. AI photography application for those who edit their photos like professionals, and the picture looks like it was taken from a brand mobile. AI apps are user-friendly and have simple interfaces, so people like these applications and highly use them for photography. 

 Many AI photography applications are available on the google play store and apple store. Some applications are free to use, and some are paid. Some famous AI applications are given below:

AI Impact on Photography

 AI photography applications create many inspections of images and videos. Every app has different features and requirements but is easy to use. Users can use them without experience.

Here we discuss the major features of AI applications:

  • AI applications increase the quality of images and videos.
  • It can remove blur, noise, and any object.
  • With this, you can edit a specific part of the images.
  • Change background.
  • Add different styles and create your style.
  • Change hair color.
  • Add stickers & emojis.
  • Create text on images.
  • Remove Blemishes, Red Eyes, and Whiten Teeth.
  • Create Cool Photos (pencil sketches, posters, and more).
  • Add music to your videos.
  • TikTok videos & Reals edit on the next level.
  • Cartoon yourself.
  • Convert your photo into a painting.
  • Create 3D pictures.
  • Create 2D pictures.
  • You can edit your eyebrow as you want.
  • Demonstrate a smile on your face.
  • Sow temperature on images.
  • Use different camera filters.
  • Users can share their photos on social networks with friends and siblings.

 AI photography applications provide many filters for editing images and videos. You can edit their photography as you want. Apply these filters and make the images and videos next level.

AI (Artificial intelligence) is a term that is used to improve photography. It automatically edits your images & videos. Several apps are available on the internet which are using AI technology.

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