Best Android Emulators for PC and Mac 2024

Acquire the top-rated Android Emulators for PC and Mac, including BlueStacks, Android Studio, LDPlayer 9, Bliss OS, GameLoop, Genymotion, and more.

With the rising demand for Android apps, obtaining the perfect emulator for your device is quite favorable. It can enhance your productivity, gaming experience, or development. 

However, the digital landscape has changed, with several emulators disappearing from the market. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s native Android app supports altering pathways, and users like to follow simple and quick ways to enjoy their desired apps and games. 

So, we’re going to introduce a fascinating selection of user-friendly, officially verified emulators compatible with all devices. You’re proficient in downloading your required emulators free from our list. 

What are Android Emulators?

This software can replicate your Android operating system (OS) on your macOS, Linux, or Windows computers or Laptops. These tools create the simulated environment of Android devices like smartphones and tablets on your big screens. It allows the users and developers to interact and install the Android apps as if they were on a real device. 

However, emulators help developers test and debug Android apps across different versions and devices without needing actual hardware. This technique also saves you money. These tools provide you with a convenient way to run Android applications on your PC. So, they provide a safe environment for testing new apps or updates before organizing them on their devices.

Why Utilize Emulators?

Android emulators serve three main purposes: app development, gaming, and productivity.

  • For gaming, emulators provide a larger screen and better control options. These tools also provide the customizable mappings for each game.
  • In app development, they paired with IDEs like Android Studio allow developers to test, code, and debug their apps efficiently across various devices and screen sizes.
  • Regarding productivity, while most tools are available on PC or Mac, emulators can enhance the experience for certain apps like Instagram. Here, they play a role in tasks like uploading and editing content easier.

Best Android emulators for PC and Mac

There are more types of best android emulators in the section below.

  • BlueStacks
  • Android Studio
  • LDPlayer 9
  • Bliss OS
  • GameLoop
  • MeMU Play
  • NoxPlayer
  • Windows 11
  • PrimeOS
  • Droid4X
  • Genymotion
  • MeMU Player
  • Remax OS Player

Emulators are app players allowing android applications to run on a PC or Mac. Best Android emulators for PCs and Mac create a virtual environment on the computer and Macs and enable them to run the Android apps as if they were running on mobiles or tablets. Android emulators are free to use, but some are paid. Free emulators don’t affect your device.

 Bluestacks is famous and one of the best app players. When users download this application on their Windows and Mac, it allows running mobile applications. It is useful for running mobile applications unavailable on their computer systems.

 When users download and install this application on systems is just like using a normal Android device. Its interface user friendly. Users can use and understand this application very easily. Once this application is installed, users can download and run Android apps or games like Candy Crush, Subway Surf, Temple Run Angry Birds, and many more games.

 However, users can log in with Gmail after installing this application on their systems. A Google account login is necessary to download applications from the Play Store. If users don’t want to share your account, users can create a new Gmail account just for Bluestacks.

It’s a top choice for developers that can serve as both an emulator and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Its Android Virtual Device feature lets you create and test various device configurations for your app. Although its initial setup is quite complicated. Still, it is considered the trustworthy performer among other familiar emulators in 2024. It lacks some gaming-oriented features but still can handle apps and games comparably well.

Users have to spend almost two weeks to practice this emulator. Then, you may become able to utilize it perfectly. So, it’s widely utilized by developers who are willing to develop applications routinely. It supports the latest Android versions and includes the Play Store. Hence, you’ll have to set up an AVD with the Play Store icon to use it conveniently.

This software has some competitors, such as Genymotion and Xamarin, which both come with IDEs with built-in emulators. Genymotion gets the scalability of this emulator for its advanced testing methods like parallel testing and sharding. Xamarin comes for its cross-platform compatibility with iOS and Android.

This emulator is formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy. It brings a smooth and convenient way to enjoy Android games on your PC. 

Its straightforward installation process ensures you’re up and running in just minutes. So, once you’ve installed it, you may easily play various games and use apps like Call of Duty: Mobile, TikTok, and PUBG: Mobile. This emulator has gained popularity with its fixed and tranquil functionality. 

During our testing, we encountered some minor download issues and occasional errors. But this emulator brings unique features for officially supported games like PUBG: Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile. It doesn’t require VT like most other emulators. Although GameLoop doesn’t specify its Android version, it’s relatively older, which may not be critical for gaming but could impact other uses. That’s why we like to utilize and enlist it with top-rated emuators. 

It has evolved into one of the premier Android emulators. It offers three usage options: 

  • Direct installation as a PC partition
  • Live boot from a flash drive 
  • Installation via a virtual machine

For most of our regular users, we recommend the live boot flash drive or full boot method. 

Hence, users can obtain its two current versions, Android 11 and Android 12L. This updated aspect of Bliss OS makes it one of the newer options in the gaming and applications social market.

Ultimately, this emulator Bliss is a vibrant option when you’ve accomplished its installation process cautiously. Its performance is generally satisfactory; even though users often encounter bugs while utilizing it for a longer while. 

However, it lacks some features that are specifically launched for gamers. These features are accessible in its competitors like Nox and Bluestacks. This emulator is designed for numerous Google apps. It’s both free and open-source, which is a significant advantage.

One of the oldest Android emulators listed is MeMU Play. It’s a remarkable character; it remains relevant due to active development. So, its latest version supports Android 9, and its compatibility also extends to Android 5 and Android 7.1. This emulator comes with a hassle-free and quick installation process, attracting numerous users. 

However, MeMU Play offers several handy features, such as operating multiple instances. It also comes with a keyboard and mouse keymap function for easier gameplay. Additionally, it allows reliable file-sharing access between Windows and MeMU Play by shared download folder.

Its performance is quite efficient while we utilize it. Its functionality and interface closely resemble to LDPlayer. So, it offers users flexibility depending on their preferences.

MuMu Player emulator is developed by NetEase. Users are usually familiar with this tool for playing popular mobile games like Vikingard and Onmyoji. So, it’s a worthy choice for those who are concerned with games and entertainment.

It’s latest beta version supports Android 9, while the previous steady version is responsive to Android 6. Furthermore, there’s MuMu Nebula, a lighter version that’s suitable for low-end PCs. 

MuMu Player’s installation process is quite straightforward and takes only 5-10 minutes. This software is similar to MeMU Play and LDPlayer. It’s user interface is smooth and convenient while testing. Hence, it offers functionalities such as key mapping, screenshot capturing, APK installation, and video recording.

Emulators are app players that offer Android applications to run on systems. It creates a virtual environment on the computer and enables them to run the Android applications as if they were running on Android or tablets. Android emulators are free to use, but some are paid. Free emulators aren’t harmful to your device.

LD player is also the best Android app player. It is lightweight, and users can download it on any Windows version. It also provides a wide range to run the application on computers or Macs. It’s based on the Android operating system. Users can log in with their Gmail accounts or create a new account for the LD player.

An original Android emulator, NoxPlayer is a stable and popular emulator nowadays. Users are able to install it straightforwardly but be thoughtful to optional offers. When you set it up conveniently, log in with Google and start playing. It’s effective to utilize the remini App on PC and iOS devices.

The admirable feature of NoxPlayer is the accessibility of keyboard mapping. Users can obtain its toolbar at the right corner, that’s an amazing aspect of this emulator. It also allows video recording, taking screenshots, and various such functions. Hence, it proves efficient and quick for utilization in our testing. 

Therefore, the original NoxPlayer runs smoothly in Android 9 with stable performance. Meanwhile, the Android 12 beta excels with graphic-intensive games. Furthermore, it’s a top choice for Mac users because one of its versions is accessible for MacBook and free to install. 

PrimeOS functions similarly to Bliss OS and is installed as a partition on your hard drive. Although its installation is slightly more complex, an installer EXE simplifies this process. After installing it conveniently, you need to reboot yoru device and then open it to PrimeOS.

However, it offers a full Android desktop experience with Google Play support and additional gaming features like gamepad and keyboard support. So, it played our tested games perfectly but with minor issues. Still, it’s running stably in Android 7, with beta versions available for Android 11. It’s free but be prepared to learn about partitioning and utilize it.

This Android Emulator revolutionizes the various services, including demos, testing development, and training with its cloud-based platform. It provides scalable virtual devices compatible with popular testing frameworks and CI solutions. 

It comes with features like GPS, battery, rotation, and more. It also supports various use cases, including app development, customer support, mobile testing, game development, and security.

You’re able to utilize it on any of your devices, from Tablets to phones (from Android 5.0 to the advanced versions). This emulator gains a reputation for its reduced testing time, scale training, and confident delivery of business apps. Regarding this, it has acquired satisfied customers like Benoit Boireau, CTO of IP Label. He praises the Genymotion emulator for meeting compatibility and performance requirements. He also highlights it’s prompt support and flexibility that he enjoyed from the Genymobile team.

The freely accessible Android emulator for Windows is Remix OS Player. It provides an excellent user experience for playing games and testing Android Apps on a PC. It is usually based on your Android’s Marshmallow OS and supports mouse usage. Meanwhile, it relies on multi-window functionality. 

Although it no longer exists in active development, it still remains popular due to its features. It works as your desktop OS with a familiar interface and is derived from Android-x86.

Remix users can enjoy the easy installation process and get it from the Play Store. This emulator provides the key-mapping tools after installation. It ultimately enhances gaming performance. So, if you’re interested in app development or Android gaming, Remix OS Player is worth considering for its functionality and compatibility for you, despite being discontinued.

This emulator is considered a leading Android emulator and is well-known for its simple integration into Windows 10 PCs and laptops. It enables you to enjoy popular Android applications and games on your desktop environment. Hence, it comes with cool compatibility on various Windows versions (7, 8, and 10). 

Droid4X brings convenient features such as an integrated screen recorder and built-in downloader for easy app acquisition. You’re able to enjoy its user-friendly experience with amazing features in 2024.

Windows 11 is capable of operating your desired Android applications out of the box. So, it relies on virtualization by integrating into the system settings. You’re permitted to access this feature while going to enjoy these tools. You need to simply visit the Microsoft Store and download the Amazon App Store.

Afterward, Amazon’s Appstore offers a selection of apps that don’t match Google Play’s range like all other emulators. Fortunately, all popular apps are available and function on it. It also provides the potential for improved functionality over time. 

A notable fact is that there is no complicated process of integration involved. So, you can simply download the Amazon App Store and start using your apps.

Although installing Google Play for this is possible, this option is currently unstable. So, we recommend you wait for this option’s reactivation. 

Additional Emulators:

These are all the best Android emulators for running mobile applications on PCs and Macs.

Striking Features of Emulators

When selecting the best Android emulators for gameplaying and testing, we prioritize the following key features:

  • Google Play Store access: For your trustworthy experience, you must consider that emulator, which is conveniently accessible on Play Store and comes with a full range of apps.
  • Emulation of varying Android OS versions: It must the able to emulate both older and newer Android versions like Marshmallow Android O and Nougat.
  • Android game development support: It must facilitate you to test and develop your desired games. 
  • Low RAM usage: You must ensure the efficient utilization of PC resources. 
  • Adjustment for Android phone screen: It can easily change between phone and PC-sized screens. Meanwhile it must prioritize the clarity and other layout.
  • Apps and games Library: Emulator that comes with an extensive collection of Android apps and games.


You can use the mod apk very easily. First, you need to install Android emulators on your system. 

  • First, download the bluestacks emulator for Windows.
  • The installation method is straightforward; after completing the installation method, open the bluestacks emulator.
  • It may take some time to load the bluestacks app the first time. After installing, open it, and now you can see the home screen of bluestacks.
  • On the home screen, you see “Google” click on this application.
  • Please search for the mod apk and click to download and install it.
  • After installing, go to the bluestacks home screen and find the mod app.
  • Enjoy this application on your PC, Laptop, Mac, or Windows without cost.

The most trusted emulator for PCs, particularly on Windows 10 and 11, is BlueStacks. It’s prominent among others for its versatility and uniqueness. It excels in providing a smooth user experience, efficient gaming, and enjoying Android Appd on PC and Mac.

Top-notch and quick emulators are:

  • BlueStacks Emulator.
  • ARChon Emulator.
  • Android Studio Emulator.
  • Genymotion Emulator
  • Nox Player Emulator
  • Remix OS Player.
  • Ko Player.
  • MEmu Emulator.

Final Words

When selecting from the best Android emulators for your PC and MacBook, you must note performance variations and potential bugs based on PC specifications. You can also appreciate the clean user interfaces and easy navigation for smoother testing experiences. Well, for your convenience, we’ve enlisted all popular and functional emulators. You can pick up your desired emulator.

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