How to Send Photos on Android Phone By Text or Email

Sharing photos from your Android or iPhone is a familiar activity, whether you’re sharing a funny meme or a stunning sunset. Nowadays, sending your images to others is an excellent way to stay connected. You’re able to show your expressions to someone who’s far away from you but connected via social media.

The opportunity to share your memorable photos with loved ones is the valuable benefit of owning your Android device. So, among various Android applications, you’re quite familiar with messaging or emailing platforms.

Thus, messaging and Email are the optimal options for their broad support and accessibility. We’re illustrating the straightforward steps for sending pictures via Email or text. By going through this guide, you may learn How to Send Photos on Android Phone By Text or Email. Hence, utilize your smartphone to share your plenty of photographs or single images with other social friends.

How Does Send a Picture on Android By Using Messaging App?

 It is easy to send your pictures by messaging. Many ways to send photos on an Android device are by text messaging. It is easy to send your images by following the steps that are in the below section.

Messaging and sharing
Write message to receivers name
Pick up image for texting
Select and Share by Text
Send images by Text
  • Open your phone’s messaging app and start a new message by selecting the recipient’s name or phone number.
  • Tap the attachment icon in the message box.
  • Select “Gallery” or “Photos” from the menu that appears.
  • From the browser, select the picture you want to send.
  • After choosing the image, you can add a caption or message to go along with it.
  • Tap the “Send” button to send the message and picture to the recipient.

How Does Send a Picture via Email?

The email option for sharing your photo files is quite professional and the best approach. Android users go for this method while doing exclusive tasks or even when they are trying to share images with the same picture quality. However, you never have to compromise with the resolution of your photos and share picture-perfect files by this method.

select image to share
click on share option
Gmail and share images

To send a picture via Email, follow the following steps in the below section.

  • Open your Email service (Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail) and compose a new email.
  • Enter the recipient’s email address in the “To” section.
  • Enter a subject line and any message you want to tell your recipient in the email.
  • To attach a picture, look for an attachment icon in the email composition window and click on it.
  • Select “Attach image” and browse through your computer or Android files to find the picture you want to send.
  • Click on the photo to select it, then click “Open” or “Attach” to attach the image to your email.
  • Once the picture is attached, click “Send” to send the email with the image to the recipient’s Email address.

Suppose you’re a photogenic person and love capturing shots on luring scenes or holiday outings. Then, you must want to analyze your gallery, share, and get your attractive shoots with your relatives or friends directly. 

How Does Send photos by Photos App?

There are various photo editing, beatifying, and capturing Android applications. While browsing your images in the Photos app, you may make sense of sharing them directly with others via WhatsApp, Gmail, Instagram, Messages, or other apps.

  • Enable your desired Photos app on your hand device
  • Select your photos by holding on them
  • Tap the Share icon
  • Press on your desired pathway of sharing these images (Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Message, or other platforms)
  • Finally, choose your desired recipients, compose your message, and send the photos.


MMS comprises files like emojis, pictures, videos, or web links. SMS is a text message of up to 160 characters without file attachments.

Photo sharing via Email

Android users have access to email by attacking related files or pasting copies of photos into the messages. Now, share it with your preferred receiver. It’s a fascinating way to share your images with others.

JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs are widely acceptable file formats. PNGs come with higher quality at the expense of more space. Meanwhile, JPEGs are of lower quality but maintain colour. 

You can create a new message from the relevant option by clicking on the “Insert” option. Your device’s picture library opens the forefront to you. You can attack multiple images > Go for sending as Album photos > Select and share.

Final Words

In today’s digital age, sharing photos has become an integral part of daily interactions. It enables you to convey emotions, experiences, and memories. It enhances understanding among individuals and allows your visual representation. You’re capable of sharing your images via text or email, which are more effective ways. Hence, these ways connect you internationally and express yourself on different communication channels.

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