AI Photography Apps on Google Play Store & App Store

AI(artificial intelligence) is a technology used in different photography applications. AI photography apps do the jobs based on the requirements of the users. AI does the job automatically. AI edits the picture on an advanced level so that images look creative and professional. For photo editing, purpose AI apps are useful and easy to use.

 On Google Play Store, many different applications use AI technology. Moreover, every AI app has multiple features(effects, color combination, background change, removing blur, filters, sharpness, brightness, contrast, increasing quality, and many more). Some apps are free to use, and some are paid.

 Application which is using AI technology

  • Remini
  • Vivid
  • Lightroom
  • DeepArtEffects
  • Wonder
  • YouCam Perfect
  • Pixlr
  • FacePlay
  • PhotoDirector
  • PixelCut
  • Picsart
  • Bazaart
  • AI Enhancer
  • PhotoTune
  • Lensa
  • Pixelup
  • Voila

Major AI photography apps which is using AI technology describe bellow section:

1.     Remini

With ratings of 4.7 and 4.1, Remini Apk is accessible on both Android and iOS platforms for free. It comes with free numerous advanced AI enhancing tools and a subscription option priced at $4.99 weekly. 

However, this AI photo enhancer swiftly improves low-quality, grainy, or damaged images and elevates their quality in seconds. It equips and revives your ordinary photos with AI-powered tools for social media.

Furthermore, it can restore your old-fashioned photos to surprising photoshoots. Its main AI editing tools include image and video enhancements, blur and scratch repair, and high-definition image restoration.

2.     Vivid

Vivid software is accessible for both Android and iOS devices. It comprises AI-powered photography functions to elevate your photo editing experience. So, by utilizing an AI photo enhancer, you can enjoy the automatic enhancement of the quality of your photos. 

It can sharp upscale your images. Even the zoom-in function is accessible with DSLR cameras picture perfect quality. You can easily remove the unwanted objects from your old images and adjust accurate color correction. 

Vivid’s allows transforming portraits into animating photos, cartoons, and colorizing black and white images. Ultimately, its AI technology brings out the best in your photographs. 

3.     Adobe Lightroom 

Lightroom is considered one of the top-notch professional tools in the photography industry. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices with free and paid ($5 monthly) facilities. Photographers won’t obtain the emojis, animations, or stickers here. They can obtain full control of grains over images. Meanwhile, the same professional effects are accessible on big screens. Most professional editors utilize this software to edit their projects on iOS devices and Android. 

4.     DeepArtEffects

With ratings of 4.7 and 4.5 on Google Play and the App Store, it’s a popular choice for artistic transformers. It comes with more than 40 art styles and enables you to enhance your images with artistic flair. 

So, you’re able to create unique artwork and share high-quality content on social media. It also allows you to create your own art styles by uploading images and utilizing advanced tools of AI-algorithm. 

5.     YouCam Perfect

This photographic AI tool is accessible on Android and iOS platforms for free. It gains ratings of 4.8 and 4.4 and provides premium features in a $9.99 monthly subscription. 

This AI photo enhancer gets an excellent place in photo enhancement. Its credit goes to its cutting-edge AI algorithms. It provides accurate and precise surreal avatars and beautification features. Hence, it comes as an all-in-one AI-powered photo editor that provides your everyday editing needs. 

This software contains specific tools for fun AI features such as trendy filters, AI face swap, and AI avatars, etc. ultimately, its main AI editing tools include Smart Background Remover, AI Avatar Generator, Instant AI Auto Enhance, AI Selfie Filters, Auto AI Beautifying-Portrait Images, AI Body Tuner, and AI Object Removal.

Therefore, if you’re interested in swift AI enhancers, the tool YouCam Perfect is an excellent choice for you. You’re proficient in enhancing your photos by simply tapping, adjusting required parameters, and instantly enjoying worthy snaps.

6.     Pixelcut

Pixelcut AI Photo Editor is based on AI technology and proves as a powerful tool for photographers and creators. This application gets over 20 million installations and upgrades the whole journey of photo editing. 

Hence, it comes with advanced AI-powered features for removing background professionally. Meanwhile, users can create AI-generated backgrounds that are ideal for e-commerce product photography. Furthermore, users usually utilize it for making amazing stories on Instagram. 

7.     FacePlay

Free installation facility on worthy platforms (Google Play and App Store) and abundant free tools make it able to get a 4.5 rating. This tool is a blend of vibrant portrait and fun photography creation. It’s a masterpiece of AI algorithms and transforms photos into lively art pieces. So, with its AI-driven tools, you can animate photos with different styles and indulge in face-swapping for a unique touch. 

However, FacePlay appears in the top choices for making creative edits. Its primary AI editing tools include face swap, photo animation, and costume video templates.

8.     Pixlr

Pixlr brings the AI free version with advanced unlimited tool access for $1.99/monthly subscription. This software is available for Android, iOS, and web devices and obtains a 3.6 and 4.1 rating.

This tool is developed by AutoDesk, which wants to deliver well-known advanced editing tools. So, it appears with a foundation and user-friendly interface in the complicated editing market. 

Hence, it brings the appropriate functionality for both casual users and professionals. It provides saturation, precise effects adjustments, and various artistic filters and overlays. Well, its main AI editing tools include AI Enhance, AI Cut Out, and AI Removal. These tools assist you in enhancing and transforming images conveniently. 

9.     Bazaart

This editing tool is accessible only for iOS devices and opens the advanced features at $8 per month. The unique aspect of this tool is the facility of collage and montage tools that allow you to create professional artwork. Hence, you can combine numerous effects simultaneously, such as graphics, text, and photos. Then, you’re able to adjust them easily to make professional layers of your art creativity. 

 Furthermore, it comprises tools for eliminating backgrounds and transforming fascinating portrait images. You can also add layers behind your desired images and save high-resolution photos. It provides a gorgeous style creation for Instagram stories.

10.     Canva

It’s a revolutionary AI-powered photo editor that comes with comprehensive designing tools. With rating 3.6 and 4.8, it’s accessible on Android, iOS, and desktop devices. Well, it’s premium AI features are provided in$14.99/month subscription. 

Canva is considered the major platform, with an extensive library of graphics and templates; it allows you to create stunning designs and edit photos smoothly. Furthermore, its “Magic Studio” offers Pro members access to advanced AI tools. This marvelous aspect creates creative content for videos, presentations, and image edits.

11.     Lensa AI

Lensa AI tool with rating 4.6 and 3.2 available on Android and iOS platforms. It’s an optimal software for AI. Avatar Images Generation provides advanced features at $2.99 weekly. Thus, it’s developed by Prisma Labs; Lensa AI provides upgraded video and image editing with a wide range of quick tools. 

Its novel features Magic Avatars that can generate a series of portrait selfies. Furthermore, its key AI editing tool comes with Magic correction, AI avatars, and ultimate art styles and filters. Let’s obtain this AI tool to upgrade your images and videos currently.

12.     PicsArt

It has amazing AI-driven photo editing capabilities with 4.7 and 4 ratings. This tool is accessible on all your trusted platforms and is available with a $11.99/month subscription.

Hence, it offers a varying variety of features and functionalities to enhance and modify images. Integrating AI technology with vibrant creativity equips a composite of unique outcomes. This uniqueness of PicsArt allows you to revolutionize your photos and share your art with your audience easily.  

Thus, its fascinating AI editing features include AI Artistrics Effects, AI-powered filters, and AI Backgrounds.

13.     Pixelup

PixelUp is an ultimate AI photo enhancer app that’s available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. It’s based on advanced artificial intelligence. So, it enables you to sharpen your images, remove unblur effects, and enhance the overall quality of your images. It also provides a professional touch to your skills.

Furthermore, it provides the features of AI colorization and restoration. You can transform old images to into a new, striking life. Hence, Pixelup’s enhanced AI algorithms allow you to convert your blurry old photos to high-definition masterpiece snapshots.

14.     PhotoDirector

No any other AI editing app matches PhotoDirector’s ability to revive the life into your photos via animation. With a rating of 4.6, you can satisfactorily get it from all trusted platforms. 

PhotoDirector allows powerful edits to enhance photo quality, whether you’re going to adjust contrast or add a personal touch. Hence, it provides access to a range of stunning animation tools. These tools include dispersion effects, decorations, and overlays. These result in creating a dramatic view into your snapshots. 

Nevertheless, its significant AI tools are animated decorations, dispersion, object removal, AI art effects, sky replacement, photo retouching, and overlays.

15.     Wonder

This tool has converted the simple photo world to enhance digital artworks; you’re able to describe your imaginary idea, select styles, and create your dreamy design on Wonder. With 10 million installations, this worthy application allows users to create stunning artwork by adjusting text, sketches, photos, and other desired content. 

However, you can freely download this App on your Android and iOS devices. Then become an artist by editing song lyrics, painting poems, or unique concepts utilizing its smooth interface. Hence, you may share your dream creativity with your audience with striking styles.

16.     PhotoTune

PhotoTune App is available on both the Google Play Store and App Store. It enhances, restores, and sharpens any of your blurry and unclean images with a single tap. On account of such excellent options and effects, millions of users are using it routinely. In return, this App gets a high-rated ranking among other editing tools. 

Well, PhotoTune brings the ultimate AI photo editor and allows you to achieve HD-quality results swiftly. You can get it free of cost and enjoy its AI-based professional-quality editing easily.

17.     Voil

This AI artist app allows you to enhance your photos with unique features. Its features simulate various artistic styles. This simulation effect can transform your images into captivating artworks indicating different centuries of creativity. 

This software gains ratings of 4.8 and 4.5, accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. Its updated captivative features are accessible in a $3.99 per week subscription. 

Notable fat of this tool is that you’re able to reveal royalty view to your photography or enjoy a playful caricature. It brings standard photo editing with its ability to imbue photos with enchanting AI image styles, 3D cartoon effects, and AI photo drawing proficiencies.

Best AI Photography Apps Comparison

AI Photography AppsPlatformAI Attributes
ReminiAndroid/iOSAI BG Changer, AI Avatar, AI Removal, AI Clothes Changer, AI Filter, AI Enhance
YouCam EnhanceAndroid/iOS/WebAI BG Changer, AI Enhance, AI Avatar, AI Removal, AI Clothes Changer, AI Filter
YouCam PerfectAndroid/iOSAI Enhance, AI Avatar, AI BG Changer, AI Filter, AI Clothes Changer, AI Removal
LensaiOS/AndroidAI Removal, AI BG Changer, AI Avatar, AI Enhance, AI Filter, AI Clothes Changer
PixlrAndroid/iOS/ WebAI Clothes Changer, AI Filter, AI Enhance, AI Avatar, AI Removal, AI BG Changer
FacePlayAndroid/iOSAI Enhance, AI BG Changer, AI Filter, AI Avatar, AI Clothes Changer, AI Removal
VoilaAndroid/iOSAI Removal, AI BG Changer, AI Avatar, AI Enhance, AI Clothes Changer, AI Filter
CanvaAndroid/iOS/ WebAI Removal, AI Filter, AI Clothes Changer, AI Avatar, AI Enhance, AI BG Changer
PhotoDirectorAndroid/iOSAI Clothes Changer, AI Avatar, AI Removal, AI BG Changer, AI Filter, AI Enhance
FotorWeb/iOS/AndroidAI Clothes Changer, AI Filter, AI Enhance, AI Removal, AI Avatar
PicsartWeb/iOS/AndroidAI Filter, AI Clothes Changer, AI Avatar, AI Enhance, AI Removal, AI BG Changer
Pixelcut  Android/iOSAI-based upscale, AI object remover, AI images creator, AI Editor, AI Grphics
PixelupAndroid/iOSAI sharpen, AI enhancer, AI colorization, AI restoration, AI algorithms
Vivid  Android/iOSAI photo enhancer, AI animator, AI Filter, AI color changer, powerful AI Movie-grading, AI magic eraser,
DeepArtEffectsAndroid/iOSAI-based upscale, AI object remover, AI images creator, AI Editor, AI Graphics
WonderiOS/AndroidAI image generator, AI Art Word, AI Styles, AI color changer, AI artwork,
BeFunkyWeb/Android/iOSAI Removal, AI Avatar, AI Clothes Changer, AI Filter, AI BG Changer, AI Enhance
PhotoTune  Android/iOSAI enhancer, AI pixel Improving tool, AI-generated effects, AI sharpness Enhancer, AI Upscaler

These are the most profitable AI photo editing applications reliably utilized for professional photography. Users are able to install any of these on their accessible devices and utilize them for their casual editing purposes or at a professional level.


AI means “Artificial Intelligence”; it converts images automatically on behalf of users’ requirements, and no experience is required to use it. It converts images like a professional photo editor.

 AI photo editing apps provide many useful features for users; with this, users can increase the image resolution, remove blur, and noise, change the background, colors, and many others.

 These applications use AI technology and work automatically, editing the pictures on an advanced level. It provides many features; you can use these features as you want.

 There are many benefits to using an AI photo app; it can edit and recover your old, blurry, low-quality to high-quality and convert images into cartoons within just a few clicks. 

 Many AI photo editing apps are available on Google and google play store; some are free to use, and some are paid. The price of most AI apps is normal ($5 to $30), and some are up ($30 to $100). It depends on the features of every AI application.

 Many AI applications are available on the play store, and every person has a different choice, so we suggest some famous photo editing apps which use AI given below:

  • Remini app
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • PicsArt
  • Pixlr Photo Editor
  • PhotoDirector
  • YouCam Perfect

 AI photography applications provide filters, styles, backgrounds, and other features that make your images as desired.  Your pictures look more attractive and shiny.

The algorithm of AI(artificial intelligence) is automatic, so it changes the images & videos with automated processes and fixes them digitally.

Final Words

Whether you’re on an Android or iOS device, these apps allow you to transform ordinary photos into stunning works of art on account of artificial intelligence. You can obtain countless essential tools for photography and elevate your passion to the professional editing stage. After some practice, these professional-grade editing software are at your fingertips. Let’s transform your blurry, missed, outdated photos into sharpened, enhanced, reviving snaps with the help of AI technology.


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