Bending Spoons Information

Bending Spoons Information: Milan–based tech company developing advanced mobile apps since 2013. It has gained 500M+ users globally.

Bending Spoons S. P. A is a software company making mobile applications. Italy’s top workplace of the year is known for developing the COVID contact-tracing App. It’s headquarter is in Milan and powered by a dynamic, young team who are actively hiring despite the crisis.

Bending company is primarily known for IOS and Android mobile applications. It’s among the best mobile application developers by the number of downloaded applications.

Evolutionary History and Leadership

  • Market Leadership: Despite gaining a reputation during the pandemic, Bending Spoons has been a key player since 2013. It has become Europe’s top iOS App developer and Italy’s “Best workplace.”
  • Sector Growth: Bending Spoons capitalized on the flourishing app economy, with the US market alone growing from $1.9 billion in 2008 to $143 billion in 2016.
  • Team and Achievements: The company was founded by Luca Querella, Tomasz Greber, Matteo Danieli, Francesco Patarnello, and Luca Ferrari. It has launched over 20 apps with 340 million downloads, 150 worldwide team members and €90 million revenue in 2019. 
  • COVID-19 Response: It was selected by the Italian government in April 2020. So, it developed Immuni, the official COVID-19 contact tracing App, on June 1, 2020.
  • Unique Workplace Culture: Bending Spoons raises an environment of trust, flexibility, and excellence and is inspired by the film Matrix. This film features a scene where a child bends a spoon with their mind. The name signifies that making a real difference in life requires seeing things differently.
  • Industry Recognition: Bending Spoons is Europe’s top-notch (Silicon Valley) iOS App developer and is among the top ten globally. It has earned impressive awards, including recognition as the best workplace for millennials (Out of 130 employees, 118 are young people, with 14 in senior positions), women, and overall best workplace in Italy with 50-149 employees in 2020.
  • Wide-ranging Team: It’s a diverse team with an average age of 29 and an above-average representation of women (52 of 143 team members were female at the start of 2020). 
  • Strategic Accomplishment: In January 2023, Bending Spoons finalized Evernote’s asset and enhanced its task and note-taking management portfolio.
  • Ambitious Vision: Well, this agency aims to create a legendary tech company that’s being loved worldwide and recognized as one of the best places to work.
  • Elite Team on Selection: Out of all its pursuit of excellence, it’s selected from 40,000+ candidates after complicated testing and interviews. 
Film Matrix is inspiration of this company

Bending Spoons offers maximum flexibility with no set working hours, remote work options, and unlimited holidays. This agency prefers trust and transparency among team members.

  • Innovative Office Space: The office features hammocks and lounge areas located in Milan’s Porta Nuova district. There are ultimate entertainment facilities that overall promote a creative and collaborative atmosphere.
  • Diversification Strategy: The company expanded its app portfolio, targeting various sectors such as video editing, fitness, entertainment, and photo editing, appealing to a global user base.
  • Key Partnership: Their revolution came when they met Riccardo Zacconi, CEO of KingDigital, through a competition that CharityStars organized. They led to valuable advice and strategic growth opportunities.
  • Commitment to Talent: Despite challenges, the company remains desirable for employment and provides extensive training opportunities. These include competitions like Codeflows, a Europe-wide programming competition that offers €40,000 in prizes for 40 finalists. First Ascent 2021 is a program that brings together 20 top business and technology students in Italy for a retreat in Barcelona, focusing on learning, networking, and fun.

Founders of Bending Spoons

The company is currently based on 389 staff members, overseen by a four-member management team who are also the founders. These employees are from 35 different countries and are described as inspiring and hardworking. The names of the management team members are provided below:

  • Luca Ferrari
  • Francesco Patarnello
  • Matteo Danieli
  • Tomasz Greber 

Products of Bending Spoons S. p. A

 The company has invented numerous Apps that are available on the Play Store. It gains 500 million downloads and an estimated 90 million monthly active users. However, its founders prioritize positively impacting teammates, customers, and society. All of its applications are usually based on advanced technology. It’s because it utilizes movie-grade artificial intelligence with precise statistical models. 

The products of this company are described in the section below.

  • Remini – AI Enhancer
  • Thirty Day Fitness
  • Splice – Video Editor & Maker
  • Sleep
AppPriceCountriesRelease DateLast UpdateDownloads Last MonthRevenue Last Month
Remini – AI Photo EnhancerFree102+7/21/20191 days1 day$1m
Splice – Video Editor & MakerFree1025/5/20213 months200K$70K
Filmic ProFree9812/23/20155 Days40K$30K
30 Day Fitness – Home WorkoutFree10212/20/20192 months9k< $5k
Joining Hands 2$2.99789/5/201353 Months<5K<$5K
SleepFree10210/11/20193 Month<5K<$5K

Remini – AI Enhancer

bending spoons information
App NameRemini – AI Enhancer
DeveloperBending Spoons
Size71 Mb
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

 Remini apk was launched by Bending Spoons, which is a software company. It was released on Jul 21, 2019. Remini for IOS devices that utilizes AI(Artificial Intelligence) to enhance the quality of pictures. Remini can automatically improve the quality, removing blur, adding more pixels, and sharpening the photos.

Rating & Reviews

 This application has good reviews and ratings overall. This application has 100M+ downloads with 4.5/5 stars ratings. 2Mk+ people have also given reviews to this application. It shows that this application is very popular and liked by many people.

30 Day Fitness

bending spoons information
App Name30 Day Fitness Introduction
DeveloperBending Spoons
Size21 MB
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

30-Day Fitness is an application about health. It was developed by “Bending Spoons” on 20 Dec 2019. This application concerns weight loss, workouts, fitness challenges, exercise, and daily training. Invest some minutes and get your body into shape.

Rating & Reviews

 This application has good reviews and ratings overall. This application has 1M+ downloads with 3.7/5 stars ratings. 9k+ people have also given reviews to this application. It shows that this application is very popular and liked by many people.

Splice – Video Editor & Maker

bending spoons information
App NameSplice – Video Editor & Maker
DeveloperBending Spoons
Size84 MB
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

Splice is a video editing and making application. It was developed by “Bending Spoons” on 5 May 2021. By using this application, users can create masterpieces of videos. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. It provides lots of tools for video making and editing.

Rating & Reviews

 This application has good reviews and ratings overall. It has 1M+ downloads with 4.6/5 stars ratings. 102k+ people have also given reviews to this application. It shows that this application is very popular and liked by many people.

Investment and Revenue Insights

Recently, Bending Spoons reported that in 2022, the revenue figures were $159 million. It’s $175 million in 2023, and the total generated is $622.1 million from 2019 to 2023. A remarkable point is that last year’s investors included Ryan Reynolds, Banco BPM, and Intesa Sanpaolo, who contributed almost $40 million. In 2024, the Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds alone invested $77 million.

Top Rivals of Bending Spoons Information

  • OnMobile: A public company based in Bengaluru, established in 2000
  • Kakao: A public company based in Jeju-si, founded in 2010
  • JetSynthesys: A Pune-headquartered series B company established in 2012


Yes, Bending Spoons information reveals that the majority of apps offer free trials for users to enjoy features before making in-app purchases.

It regularly updates its apps with bug fixes, new features, and performance improvements. This approach of updating is usually associated with each app’s development roadmap.

Yes, Remini’s app is accessible to users on both the App Store and the Play Store.

The employees are from 35 different countries.

Final Words

Three people founded Bending Spoons, a company that has since become a global tech leader. Their dedication to their mission fueled its growth, leading to groundbreaking innovations like Remini – an AI Photo Enhancer. Today, Bending Spoons information reveals that it’s a diverse team of over 300 employees from 35+ countries. They are usually focused on enhancing user experiences, which results in receiving excellence awards and exclusive achievements.

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